When will I get Married?

This question regarding what astrology says about ‘when will I get married’, usually has one of the two aspects of life in mind.

It maybe that someone is already seeing someone, and wants to know when will I get married; or it may be a person who is wondering whether marriage is in the cards – and when will that occur.

In either cases, Nadi astrologer can analyze the birth chart and provide indications of the most opportune times for getting married.

In Nadi Astrology, not only the relevant planets and stars are considered for predictions, but also the negative influence of the stars is also studied deeply. It is this detailed analysis that helps in determining the timing of marriage.

While predictions can be made from studying an individual’s astrological chart, using the rules of Nadi Astrology, when there are already two people who may be in the picture, it is advisable to have both birth charts analyzed. The reason for this is quite straight forward. It is seen that while one person’s chart may indicate marriage at a particular time, if the other person’s (potential partner’s) birth chart does not indicate marriage at the same time, the marriage may not take place then. It becomes necessary in such cases to further analyze the timings in both charts to determine the period when both birth charts give strong indication of marriage.

Sometimes, people get confused between a love relationship and marriage. In Nadi Astrology, it has been seen that the stars, planets and the combinations for having a love relationship are different from the stars, planets and combinations for marriage. Therefore, if two people are already in a love relationship, different stars are influencing them. The same stars do not indicate marriage. It has been seen that even in such love-relationships, the opportune time of marriage may still need to be determined through astrological analysis.

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