Sun in the Second House

Sun in the second house impacts our family and accumulated wealth.

The Second House isn’t just about accumulated cold, hard cash. It’s also blueprint for our relationship with our family. When the Sun is in the second house, it casts a spotlight on our financial stage. Let’s take a brief look:

The Sun isn’t just about financial statements; it’s about knowledge statements. What do you truly value? How much knowledge have you accumulated over past lives and this current life? Family? The Second House guides you to align your actions with your knowledge and wisdom.

Now, let’s peek into your closet. The Sun in the Second House loves brands and labels—Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo and many more. At the same time, it also cherishes the old pictures in the photo albums, the handwritten love letters. These aren’t just some things; they’re memory to be cherished and appreciated.

People with Sun in the second house often link their self-esteem with material wealth and success. They also have a strong desire to accumulate wealth.

They have a financially savvy mind, and can increase their wealth through sound financial decisions and hard work.

In the context of marriage, this placement may impact how you express your ego within the relationship. It can influence your confidence, assertiveness, and need for recognition from your partner. In marriage, this can manifest as a strong desire for stability, loyalty, and commitment. You may seek a partner who aligns with your core values.

What is your chart showing in the second house?

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