Significance of Birth Time in Astrology

In astrology, the significance of birth time cannot be overstated. Your birth time is the precise moment when the planets and stars were aligned in a specific pattern. Birth time in astrology serves as the cornerstone of your astrological chart.

This information is used to also determine your ascendant or rising sign. This is a crucial element in understanding your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Astrology with birth time

Your Birth Time (and the date and place of birth) helps calculate the position of all astrological planets in the zodiac at that precise moment. Once the position of all planets and stars in the zodiac is determined, your personal astrologer will create your horoscope.

Your accurate birth time therefore helps your astrologer predict your future. This is done by extrapolating your birth chart to current and future planetary alignments and positions.

Your Horoscope

Overall, the accuracy of astrological readings depends greatly on having an exact birth time (along with the date and place of birth). Even a slight deviation of a minute or two can change the entire chart and lead to a different interpretation.

Based on the concept of motion and speed of planets in astrology, it is said that each planet has its own speed and motion pattern as it moves through the zodiac. Some planets move faster than others, while some even have moments of retrograde motion.

These planetary movements are believed to express an impact on human behavior and life events. For example, a slow-moving planet like Saturn is said to sometime represent challenges, obstacles, and lessons that require patience and perseverance. On the other hand the same planet may turn out to be a beneficial planet in other birth charts.

Similarly, a fast-moving planet like Mars is associated with action, energy, and impulsiveness. Understanding the motion and speed of planets in astrology is considered extremely important in interpreting your astrological charts and making predictions.

Birth time correction

Many a times, an accurate or precise birth time may not be available. In such cases, before the astrologer can make any accurate predictions, he should validate your birth time. This is achieved by verifying the timings of some major life events that have already occurred in your life. This process is called ‘birth time correction’ and it becomes a key process before future predictions can be made.

In summary, your accurate birth time is the key factor in understanding your life-path from astrological point of view. It is therefore important to have the birth time precisely accurate – or have the astrologer do the birth time correction before predictions.

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