Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology is about predicting how the relationship between two people will turn out to be. Relationships are possibly the most important and popular area for which people connect with astrologers. It is also one of those areas which is generally not very well understood by most astrologers.

Most couples or singles who are about to become couples, are concerned about how their long term relationship will fare in time. As you probably already know, there are many factors that affect the quality of relationships. For example, while there may be a very deep love among two people, once the financial situation gets into the way, the relationships can tend to go sour slowly. Similarly, jealousy as well as personal insecurities play a big role in maintaining relationships.

In relationship astrology, different houses (Bhava) and planets are engaged before marriage and after marriage. You may be having a great love life before getting married, but soon after the marriage takes place, it has been seen that relationships may not retain the same warmth or closeness as it used to before marriage. The reasons are quite simple. Different astrological Houses and the planets that are affecting those houses, get engaged. This can result in different outcomes in relationships before and after marriage.

In relationship astrology, this difference between pre-marriage love and post-marriage love is analyzed. Predictive (Nadi) astrology has some rules that apply to the analysis of relationships, and can be helpful in alerting the people about the forthcoming challenges and also suggest what to do about those challenges.

Everyone is born with a astrological roadmap of life, which can be used to pre-warn the upcoming pitfalls. Relationship astrology helps in throwing light on what may be the areas of concern in future, and what may be done about those areas. Many a time, it is seen that the challenging period in relationships may be short lived, however, not knowing this, many couples tend to take steps that can bring their relationship to a point of no return. Knowing in advance that such challenging period may be short lived, couples can be alerted and can take steps to save their relationship. This is a major advantage of relationship astrology that can help people save them from heartbreak and a significant change in life.

Fifth, Eight and eleventh Houses reflect Love and dating life, while Second, Seventh and Eleventh reflect married life. In order to make accurate astrological readings, birth charts of both the partners must be analyzed.

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