Match Making Horoscope

What if before a couple got married, an astrological match making horoscope could be created? Indian match making frequently uses Vedic astrological match making, but can this be done for people of other origins?

In the traditional Indian arranged marriages, matching of horoscopes is given a high importance. It is believed that a marriage will be more harmonious and happy if the horoscopes are matched. In Vedic astrology, match making is done on the basis of ‘Guna’ (qualities) of both parties. More ‘Guna’s match, better the marriage is expected to turn out. Unfortunately, this system of Guna matching has certain generalities that sometimes do not present the expected results.

In Nadi astrology, match making of a couple considers various other practical factors as well. Some of these factors include an analysis of the birth chart of the future couple to see how much spousal attachment is indicated in both charts. Obviously, if one or both horoscopes show a limited spousal attachment, the marriage may not last long – or it will not result in happy marriage over a long period of time.

Other factors include the analysis of Nakshatra (Stars and constellations) energies to see if the union will be mutually respectful or not. Similarly, there are various other factors that predict the current major influences of the Planets and Stars, and the upcoming time period, and how the finances, health etc. are indicated for both the parties of this union.

Nadi astrology therefore takes into account a number of real-life practical factors before suggesting whether a match will work out or not.

If a couple is still interested in getting married, Nadi astrology can also provide analysis and advise on what to expect in the relationship, and what pitfalls to watch out for. Based on the analysis, some remedial measures can be suggested.

Overall, it has been found that the match making analysis in Nadi Astrology gives better results than the traditional Guna (qualities) matching of Vedic Astrology.

Would you like to find out what Nadi Astrology says about the match making for yourself, or your son or daughter? You can order your match-making analysis now.

You will need to provide the date, time and place of birth of both – the boy and the girl – for getting the analysis done.

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