Kundali Matching for Marriage

Traditional Kundali Milan

In Hindu, arranged marriages, Kundali Milan or Kundali matching for marriage is a significant step that is being followed traditionally by most Hindu families. It involves comparison of the natal charts of the boy and the girl, to assess their compatibility for a harmonious and successful marriage.

In the traditional Kundali milan, astrologers will analyze key aspects of the horoscope such as Birth Chart and Nakshatras. The Guna (attributes) presented in the horoscope will be matched. In total there are 36 attributes which will be compared. Usually when at least half of those match, an astrologer may consider this as a Kundali match.

Another aspect in the Kundali milan is the analysis of Doshas (defects). If Doshas are found, then remedies are suggested. One crucial aspect is ensuring that there is no Manglik Dosha in the horoscope.

Once these considerations pass the scrutiny of the astrologers, the Kundali milan is considered as a match, and marriage can go ahead as planned.

In the modern times, it has been discovered that further analysis of the horoscopes is required. This is done in order to ascertain that the marriage/ relationship will survive the test of modern life. This is achieved through Nadi Astrology analysis of the horoscopes for kundali matching for marriage.

Nadi Astrology Kundali matching for marriage (Kundali Milan):

In Nadi Astrology, for Kundali matching, consideration is given to the main Houses that are related with marriage. These are – the seventh, second, and eleventh house. Apart from these houses, the first and sixth houses, as well as the tenth house are also considered. Other aspects related with the personality of the boy and girl are also considered. Finally, the horoscopes are compared for progeny.

In essence, when doing a Kundali matching in Nadi Astrology, the aspects that are considered are –

Kundali Matching Factors:

  1. Spousal attachment: This analyzes whether there is enough Spousal attachment during the lifetime of both the parties, or whether this aspect is complementary. Usually, it is hard to find equal amount of spousal attachment in both charts, however, one chart can complement the other and therefore can result in better outcomes.
  2. Afflictions: The houses that negate marriage or have negative influence on relationship are analyzed. In case such afflictions are found, these are addressed and pointed out. This helps the couple to be forewarned and take precautionary measures during the period when such afflictions may be strong.
  3. Nature: A review and comparison of the nature of both, the boy and the girl, is done. Incompatibilities or conditions (like aggressive nature) is pointed out so that precautions may be taken.
  4. Health and progeny: A further analysis of the horoscope as related with health in general, as well as progeny (ability to bear children) is also done, and any weaknesses are pointed out.
  5. Profession and career is analyzed and any afflictions or weaknesses can be pointed out.
  6. Other significant characteristics that may impact the compatibility, are also noted.

All of these are analyzed by a professional astrologer manually. This is unlike the Guna matching that can be done by astrology software, and may not require a manual analysis by an astrologer.

It has been found that the match-making or Kundali Milan (matching) through Nadi Astrology can provide much more information than the traditional Kundali matching.

Marriages are life long commitments. Getting forewarned about any potential issues will help both the boy and the girl in navigating through the difficult times in life.

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