Divorce Astrology

Divorce astrology is a special area of Nadi Astrology.

In any relationship, separation and divorce are very painful and distressing events. How does Nadi astrology deal with predicting separation and divorce?

In Nadi astrology, Houses (Bhava) that get impacted by planets and stars, and indicate separation energy, are analyzed. In almost all instances when separation or divorce occurs, the separation energy is found to be very strong in both the charts. It is seen that when one person has very strong separation energy indicated for a period of time, that person will feel the need to be separated. Conditions may be interpreted and perceived such that the thought of separation overcomes normal behaviour.

When such energy is indicated in both charts, separation may be an obvious outcome.

Similarly, a combination of planets and Stars, and their relative positions, can indicate either a friendly divorce or a divorce that involves court case.

These combinations and influences are analyzed by a Nadi astrologer. Once such combinations and influences are found to overlap in both person’s charts, that period becomes the most difficult period in relationship.

While that period is passing, it may feel that separation will be the only obvious outcome, however, a good Nadi Astrologer also analyzes the time period of such combinations, and can see when the next period of harmonious relation will occur. In many cases, when a couple is forewarned, they can take measures to ‘cool down’ during the negative period, and patiently wait for the next period which may change the influences of the stars to a positive energy. It has been seen that sometimes the negative period lasts a short period of a few weeks or a few months only, and if the couple can stay together patiently for the period to pass, their relationship can be recovered.

Nadi Astrology thus helps in making the distressed couple aware of the negative influence of stars and planets, and can help in resolving the relationship issues.

Do consult a Nadi Astrologer if you or someone you know may be passing through a difficult time in relationship.

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