Kundali Matching for Marriage

Traditional Kundali Milan In Hindu, arranged marriages, Kundali Milan or Kundali matching for marriage is a significant step that is being followed traditionally by most Hindu families. It involves comparison of the natal charts of the boy and the girl, to assess their compatibility for a harmonious and successful marriage. In the traditional Kundali milan,

Nadi Astrology - Divorce issue

Divorce Astrology

Divorce astrology is a special area of Nadi Astrology. In any relationship, separation and divorce are very painful and distressing events. How does Nadi astrology deal with predicting separation and divorce? In Nadi astrology, Houses (Bhava) that get impacted by planets and stars, and indicate separation energy, are analyzed. In almost all instances when separation

Nadi Astrology - Relationship

Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology is about predicting how the relationship between two people will turn out to be. Relationships are possibly the most important and popular area for which people connect with astrologers. It is also one of those areas which is generally not very well understood by most astrologers. Most couples or singles who are about

Nadi Astrology - Marriage, will get married

When will I get Married?

This question regarding what astrology says about ‘when will I get married’, usually has one of the two aspects of life in mind. It maybe that someone is already seeing someone, and wants to know when will I get married; or it may be a person who is wondering whether marriage is in the cards