Career in Horoscope

Career Astrology is another specialized analysis technique that checks your career in horoscope and presents the opportunities and challenges that may be forthcoming. It is not just the job related career – it also analyzes how your involvement in business will turn out to be.

Astrology about career is related with analysis and advise from astrological perspective about a person’s career situations.

Career is perhaps one of the most important aspect of life if you want to have a satisfactory financial self sufficiency. Whether we like it or not, money plays a big role in life. It can sometimes even overshadow other aspects of life – especially with its lack.

People go through periods of either joblessness or a dis-satisfying career. Sometimes, one wonders why after working hard and with sincerity, one is still unable to achieve satisfactory results.

Can Nadi Astrology help in deciphering what may be going on in life in relation with career? The short answer is – ‘Yes’. A good Nadi Astrologer can analyze the birth chart and can advise on the career situations – including what may be the best time for getting a job or for getting promotions.

Nadi Astrology about Job is not based upon a general career or job related prediction, considering only a star sign. It is specific to the person, and considers the date, time and place of the person for creating a birth chart. The analysis is perfectly customized for the person whose birth chart is being analysed.

Tenth House is considered to be the house for profession and career. Looking at the planets that may be affecting the tenth house of the person, it become possible to predict the situation with career. There are other houses that also contribute towards the career energies. These include the sixth and seventh houses as well as the eleventh house.

A good prediction of career therefore requires that a thorough analysis of planets and stars affecting these Houses in the horoscope of the person, is done.

If you have been going through unstable career or are not satisfied with the current situation, you can connect with Astrologer Harsh Chopra for astrological advise.

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