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Nadi Astrology is an extension of Vedic astrology. It is considered to be the most accurate branch of astrology where prediction accuracy of 95% is not unheard of! Simply because of such high level of predictive accuracy, Nadi astrology is finding greater popularity and support in the modern world.

What Are You Struggling With?

From time to time, we encountered difficulties in life. Sometimes those may be related with Relationships and other times, those may be related with Career, Health or similar other important areas of life. Connect with me to learn what the stars are predicting for you.

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues include love relationship, marital relationships, separations and divorce issues. Is the challenging time temporary or will it last a long time? What are the options indicated by your and your partner’s personal astrological birth-charts?

Match Making

What do the Nadi Birth-Charts of the couple indicate? How good the union in marriage will be? Do the stars indicate a loving and lasting relationship – or will the relationship face challenges? What preventive measures can be taken?

Career Issues

How does the career look like from Nadi astrology perspective? When will be the best time for getting a new job? Are there challenges and hidden enemies at work? Will you have a good income as well as job satisfaction? What discipline is most beneficial?

Health Issues

What does your Nadi Birth-Chart indicate about your health? Do the stars indicate a healthy life or will there be periods that you will need to be extra cautious about your health? What steps to take to address the issues?

Nothing happens by Chance. You are here because the Universe has sent you here.

Connect with Astrologer Harsh Chopra

How does Nadi Astrology help? Based on your date, time and place of birth, I will create and analyze your Nadi Astrology Chart. The Nadi Astrology Chart is based upon the position and strength of the planets, stars and ‘houses’, specific to your life, and the challenges that you may be facing. The analysis throws light on the timeline and duration of what you may be experiencing, and can alert you about the future situations that may be coming your way.

For your own personal Nadi Astrological analysis, I will need your Date, Time and Place of birth. The predictions are based upon these three factors. Sometimes, people may not know the exact time of their birth. Not to worry! In such cases, a ‘correction’ of time of birth is done. The birth time correction is based upon matching your life’s past significant events with your astrological birth chart. Once the past significant events match with the ‘corrected’ birth time, it become possible to accurately predict life’s future events and their time line.

For marriage, relationship, match-making, and love relationship, it is advisable to analyze the birth chart of both parties for a better prediction. Predictions can be made about your own relationships with just your own birth details too. Those predictions can also alert you about what challenges may be coming your way, and what precautions can be taken.

Connect with me by simply selecting and ordering a Service from the booking form below, select a suitable day and time for an appointment, and I will send you a zoom link for a video chat at the appointment date and time.

Gain Insights about Your Life and Prepare Proactively for the Upcoming Challenges!

Nadi Astrology can do a thorough analysis of your birth chart, and create a life road map in advance. Such analysis looks at all areas of your life in order to prepare you proactively for the upcoming pitfalls and challenges. Not only that, it also throws light on the good and bad times, both. Such astrological insights about your life are priceless in alerting you in advance so that you may take remedial steps as and when needed.